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50% plus meat/fish content​

All of our recipes contain at least 50% of meat or fish content and other high quality nutritious ingredients for a complete, healthy balanced diet.

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0% Grain​

All of our recipes are free from grain, wheat, rice and gluten. Our recipes contain a selection of the finest, freshly prepared ingredients which contain highly digestible protein sources. Our range has been formulated using sweet potato suitable for those with grain intolerance/sensitivity.

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Choose your food

We provide a wide range of grain free, hypoallergenic food for dogs of all ages and sizes.

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Find the Right Food

The food we provide is nutritionally balanced, using the finest natural ingredients to keep your dog healthy.

We Care For Your Dog​

50%+ Meat

0% Grain

Family Tested

Our Grain Free Range

Our grain free range includes a selection of the finest freshly prepared ingredients and highly digestible protein sources which provides a healthy balanced diet for your dog.

We Believe In Better Nutrition

The food we provide is nutritious and healthy. We provide balanced nutritious food with natural ingredients which keeps your dog healthy.



My girls are thriving on Wild Valley pet food. My eldest who is nearly 11 is on the senior and is so much happier. She has a bounce back in her old lady steps and for the first time in a long while her stool is back to normal. My youngests tear stains are almost gone. Thank you Wild Valley. Happy doggies happy mum.

Melanie - Mum to Roxy & Mertle


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